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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This isn’t about the obvious parallels between the glorious human endeavors of theatre and football. Each demands training and dedication. Incandescense in each is often ignited by shockingly creative improvisation. Each demands an audience for completion.

No. This isn’t even about the fact that for a brief moment each makes us think we’re not so pathetic.

This site frames my theatrical pedigree. I'm proud of every script and production I've ever done - despite the fact that everything could have been better (of course).

Until now, however, this site hasn't mentioned an achievement of which I am nearly as proud: I (and Donna - but in this single enclave in our life, my opinion's paramount) am the League Champion of the LIC FFL. The Long Island City Fantasy Football League was started in 2002 by a bunch of very smart guys from Citibank and The Planning Group (a marketing agency that's now part of a larger corporation - Sapient).

Donna's from Pittsburgh - so her blood runs Stiller gold and black. "Stiller" is the correct "Yinzer" pronunciation of what others call the Steelers. The term Yinzer comes from the Orthodox Pittsburgh: "Yinz gawn dahn tahn?" ("Are you going downtown?) Because I love Pittsburgh - which gave me my beloved wife and many wonderful relatives - I will in the future re-visit Yinzerhood and its cultural implication.

Donna and I try to synthesize our passion for sports and for theatre. For example: when World Champion Boston (oy) Celtics (veh) shooting guard Ray Allen's name was announced on a broadcast, we would sing 8 off-pitch bars of "Shoeless Joe." Get it? It's homage to Rae Allen, who sang that boffo number in both Broadway and film productions of DAMN YANKEES.

I've been writing a new, one-act that has been dragging me along. Nevertheless, there's always a little part of my mind wondering how Marvin Harrison's injury is or how many games they'll make Brandon Marshall sit for being, well, a bad boy.

Otherwise, it's been a great summer in NYC. A little hot, but it's summer! I complain when it's too cold, so I do have to allow myself a no-complaint period (other than a few weeks in September and May).

Meanwhile, I know my fellow-owners are out there. Plotting. Trying to figure a way to get that trophy (which, by-the-way, is a bloody eyesore) from us. Well, they won't. That ostentatious piece of crap will stay on the piano. They'll have to pry it from my bloody hand!

Ahhhh. Now, back to my play.

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