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Monday, August 4, 2008


I cleaned my desk drawers. If you knew their condition, you'd consider this a miracle. I have a tendency to hoard - one reinforced by my beloved wife, Donna. She gets separation anxiety when she chucks out chicken bones.

She has dresses that she bought 20 years ago and hasn't worn in 15. I imagine that our parents' Depression sensibilities helped form this mad impulse to hold-on. In any case; I have a storage space, a four-drawer bureau, and four desk-drawers all overflowing with the detritus of my life.

Yes, I cleaned my desk drawers. I gathered the pens and pencils, batteries, and clips of all sorts into discrete piles. I threw out irrelevant papers. I even deemed some elements useless - and, with a touch of anxiety, I threw them out.

To my surprise, I found a lot of wires. These largely looked like computer and telephone wires - and not just a few. There were 15-20. (There may be more now. They multiply like Tribbles.)

I reasoned with myself: "I can't even identify these. I don't seem to have a need for them. All things electronic seem to be working well (except our new, massive TV - which is grist for another blog entry and around which I'm considering forming a religion), so there's not some unfulfilled need that could be met by one of these little cables. Maybe it's time to throw them out! To be bold! Maybe this bold throwing out of the unnecessary will impel me to a new way of being - a new understanding - a new paradigm!"

The wires are in a bag in my closet. Hey, who knows when I might need 'em?

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